With the busy lives we lead, sometimes we can forget to maintain self care. In today's stressful environment,  more Americans are turning to therapeutic massage to provide relaxation, relieve muscular tension, or simply to help maintain their health and achieve a balanced lifestyle. 


Everyone can agree that massage helps alleviate stress. Decreased stress levels reduce recovery time in many medical conditions and boost immune function. In many cases, bodywork can enhance rehabilitation after injury, increase flexibility and range of motion and is effective for managing pain. Massage also improves digestion, circulation, and posture, in addition to increasing mental clarity and performance in sports.  


And at the end of the day, massage just feels good. Now is the time to take charge of your health and experience the benefits of massage therapy.



In order to provide quality bodywork, our hiring process is stringent. All of our therapists have a minimum of 12 years industry experience, over 1000 hours of education in a classroom, an intuitive sense of touch combined with a love for the work.


Therefore, at this juncture, we can not provide simulataneous nor couples massage as our small group of talented therapists is spread thin to cover all of the hours that we are open. We hope to be able to accomodate such requests in the future.


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