​60 min - $85

A Japanese technique developed in 1922 that transfers healing energy through the palms; energy work as opposed to body work. Similar to "Laying on of Hands".


Cranio Sacral
​60 min - $85

An intuitive massage that gently works with the spine and the skull to augment the easing of restrictions of nerve passages, optimization of  the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, and restoration of misaligned cranial bones. 

Raindrop Therapy
​60 min - $95

A non-invasive, non-secular application of powerful antibacterial and antiviral therapeutic-grade essential oils along the spine and feet.

Warm Stone
​​90 min - $128

A supremely warm and detoxifying technique using specially treated basalt stones heated up to approx. 120°. The penetrating heat helps relax and soothe tight muscles.  


*Only available seasonally during the colder months.